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allypayments offers the latest in flexible payment processing options; from Apple Pay and PayPal to POS, mobile readers... and more.

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Accept Credit and Debit Payments

Benefits of Payment Processing with Ally Payments

Interchange-Plus Pricing

No Hidden Fees

24/7 U.S.-Based Customer Service

Next-Day Funding

Free Account Reviews

Real-Time Reporting

Simplified Statements

POS and e-Commerce Integration

Secure Payments (P2PE/EMV)

Interchange-Plus Pricing

At allypayments, transparency is it at center of everything we do. That's why we offer Interchange-Plus pricing to our clients, giving you full disclosure into how much your paying us and how much goes to the card brands. This ensures that you are receiving the full benefit of cost reductions, including the Durbin Amendment savings.

No Hidden Fees

A lot of other payment processors mislead merchants by hiding extra fees and surcharges in confusing statements. At Ally Payments, we believe fairness and transparency are the key to any successful partnership, it defines who we are and how we do business. 

24/7 U.S.-Based Customer Service

allypayments delivers best-in-class customer service. Our U.S.-based service center provides live customer support 24/7/365, with calls usually answered under 15 seconds, by a live person. 

Next-Day Funding

Our merchants receive funds from their daily sales even faster. Regardless of who you bank with, we'll get your funds paid to you, next day.

(Cutoff time for next day funding  is 5PM PST)

Real-Time, Omni-Channel

Merchant Account Reporting

At no additional cost, allypayments customers have access to their merchant account 24/7/365. CardPointe is allypayments robust online portal that gives you complete visibility into your transactions and business. No need to wait for credit card statements in the mail. With CardPointe, merchants can check batches, transactions, deposits, customizable reports, order equipment, all in real time. 

POS and e-Commerce Integration

allypayments processing technology integrates with hundreds of POS and Software vendors. Also, taking payments online or looking to start? We can help here too. There is no project too big or too small, just let us know.

Free Account Reviews

allypayments service members will analyze your statements after the first 6 months and make recommendations on ways that you can save on transaction fees. You may also call in anytime and request a review. Don't worry- we do this every 6 months, without fail.

Simplified Statements;

One Price, One Statement

We have built some strong relationships on your behalf. We continue to work closely with the card brands in creating a seamless experience for our merchants. Gone are the days of merchants saying, "American Express is too expensive!", because all of our merchants receive wholesale pricing for all card brands, including AMEX.  We also offer our merchants a single, consolidated statement, regardless of the card brand used, giving you a single view of your transactions. 

Secure Payments, made simple.

With allypayments, you get a credit card processor that is dedicated to protecting your business. Ally Payment's CardPointe, our card processing security solution, uses three powerful technologies; EMV, end-to-end encryption and tokenization- to protect your customers card data as soon as the credit or debit card is used, making all data completely useless to hackers. You can process payments in person on our secure devices or with our online virtual terminal. Either way, your safe with us!

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